Core Tech

The power of eCash

Welcome to the next generation of crypto investments. eCash opens the door to possibilities previously unattainable by combining the core tech behind Bitcoin’s success - the same fixed supply, halving schedule, and genesis block - with the latest Proof of Stake consensus & protocol governance.‍

is the continuation of the Bitcoin Cash project and continues to be developed by Bitcoin ABC, the team who started it back in 2017.


Avalanche is a revolutionary consensus algorithm that enables instant transactions, enhanced security, and fork-free upgrades. Other bitcoin competitors (like Bitcoin Cash) lost significant value from contentious (and seemingly endless) forks.

Avalanche brings technically sound, politically decentralized governance to the eCash protocol.

Avalanche whitepaper


eCash is a technical solution to a political problem: what's the best money?

Monetary ecosystems have many important stakeholders. Proof of work mining has extensive empirical history and ensures that some stakeholders are incentivized to continue supporting the network.

Recent crypto developments have also proven the value of holder-based staking. Because the focus of eCash is on building the best money possible, rather than building a Twitter religion, every technically feasible solution is on the table.

Avalanche staking will be a critical part of eCash governance and user incentivization.


eCash protocol revenue is re-invested into eCash development and technology projects. Funds are allocated annually by the Global Network Council (GNC).


eCash supports tokens that anyone can create and trade.

Instantly create your own token with your own name, supply, decimal places, and icon -- all for the low cost and high speed of a single eCash transaction (much less than $0.01).

Small, convenient denomination (bits)

No other money has 8 decimal places. Why should eCash?

Cryptocurrencies with a lower unit price also enjoy higher bull market appreciation. Because the eCash team is incentivized to ensure the highest currency valuation possible, this change was a no-brainer.


You can't always say what you think anymore.

More and more, Big Tech controls what you can see and say. On the internet, privacy is the only way to defend your individual freedom.

eCash is built by early Bitcoin developers who have been working to solve the problem of internet and financial privacy long before Satoshi's whitepaper.

Unfortunately, data analytics and tracking technology have advanced while Bitcoin privacy tech has remained stagnant.

Privacy is fundamental to sound money. This is why eCash supports the CashFusion protocol.

CashFusion offers anonymity comparable to the top privacy coins while maintaining an auditable supply cap. It can be turned on or off at any time within Electrum ABC.