eCash Brand


We’ve created this guide to help you use some of our core brand elements and our logo. Definitely check it out before you get started.

eCash Logo

Our logo identifies, expresses, and distinguishes us. It’s one of the first things people see and one of the first things people remember when they think about us. It’s what enables us to stand out from the rest.

When we introduced the new logo, we wanted to make sure it accurately represents the essence of eCash, showing the world our boldness and dynamism.

The letters “e” & “c” are among the most recognizable symbols in the world. Combined with the block and hexagon elements, we created a logo that is instantly recognizable in a way that identifies the project like never before.

eCash Logo Construction

The eCash logo should always be afforded a predetermined area of breathing space, referred to as clear space. This ensures that the identity maintains its hierarchy and is not overwhelmed by other visual elements.

eCash Logo Asset

There are several variations of the logo: primary, secondary, and icon.

eCash Brand Colors
Primary colors

The primary colors are the major identity color which will be most use in different situation. They are to be used across all communications and applications, including as background colors and body copy.

The secondary colors are used to support the primary color, usually as either a subtle backdrop or to immediately attract the eye.

secondary colors
# 001137
R:0 G:17 B:55
C:100 M:68 Y:67 K:90
# 273498
R:39 G:52 B:152
C:100 M:94 Y:1 K:0
# 0074C2
R:0 G:116 B:194
C:86 M:51 Y:0 K:0
# 00ABE7
R:0 G:171 B:231
C:71 M:14 Y:0 K:0
# CD0BC3
R:205 G:11 B:195
C:33 M:89 Y:0 K:0
# FF21D0
R:255 G:33 B:208
C:14 M:84 Y:0 K:0
# 231F20
R:35 G:31 B:32
C:70 M:67 Y:64 K:74
R:255 G:255 B:255
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0
eCash Official Fonts

For logotype, subtitle and heading materials, the primary font Montserrat should be used. For the logotype please set the tracking to 50.

Montserrat Bold - Logo typeMontserrat Medium

For paragraph and other text elements, the secondary font Poppins should be used.

Poppins Bold Poppins Medium Poppins Normal Poppins Light

For more information, please download the Visual Identity Guideline. Alternatively, you can reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.